Scissor Sisters Rock!

What an awesome night it was. We started by going up the stairs at Vodaphone Arena to collect our wristbands that would give us access to the floor. To get the wristband we had to hand over our ticket, not something I was keen to do as I am a hoarder of memorabilia. The guy giving the wristbands advised that of we wanted to we could get our tickets back at the end of the night.

Nerissa, with whom we attended the concert along with Chris, thought I was funny when I later said that I wanted my ticket number 299 back. Of course that was an impossibility but a guys gotta wish for such things.

We then went back downstairs to purchase the shirt and the program parting with $75 for our troubles, plus another $2 to put these items in with cloaking so we didn’t have to hold them on the floor. It was the best $2 ever spent.

One thing I have to say about Vodaphone Arena, and something I have noticed at other venues of its type. The water bubblers always seem to be “out of order” when a concert is on and water is available in a bottle (that is then transferred to a paper cup) at a cost of $4.10. Funny that huh? But one thing that was better than our experiences with the Entertainment Centre in Sydney is the toilets, I know it’s a strange thing to talk about, but it made the experience better that there weren’t massive queues to use the facilities.

Upon entering the arena, with our cups of water, we made our way to a floor that was more bare than I expected it to be. As you’ll see from the photos we were quite close to the stage. Some of the late comers seemed to find their way towards the front, and I felt only a little bad when asked by two girls if they could get in front of me because I was so tall and they couldn’t see. My response of “Ummm no” was met with a “but we won’t be able to see”, to which I replied “Perhaps you should have come earlier”. As I said I felt bad, for about 5 seconds and realised three things…

  1. Nerissa who was quite a lot smaller than these girls didn’t complain once about the fact that there were taller people in front of her,
  2. There was plenty of room for the girls to move sideways to get a better position with shorter people in front, and
  3. If I let them in front (and everyone else who was shorter than I), I was going to be all the way at the back of the floor. I was thinking about the St George Beer ad at the time, the poor tall guy who ends up falling down some stairs after letting everyone in front of him.

I mean, we made the effort to get their earlier, to get closer, they could have too. To their credit they didn’t get stroppy, and they agreed that yes they could have gotten their earlier and that fair was fair. Based on their willingness to accept the position I should have let them in front, but as it was people were pushing through to get to their “friends”, after the third lot I decided any more could find another way through, suspecting there were no “friends” any closer to the stage just a better place to stand.

The support act, Sneaky Sound System were awesome. The female singer of that group has an amazing voice. I am always surprised when people like her are part of a band and not an entertainer all by themselves. I’m honest when I say, and don’t hate me for this, that she deserves success more so than people who have fallen into fame like the lovely and beautiful Kylie.

Sneaky Sound System played about six songs before preparations were made of the Scissor Sisters. How amazing is it to know that just the day before (Thursday Feb 8) the Scissor Sisters played a concert in Adelaide and 24 hours later there they were on a stage in Melbourne with the full set-up.

Any attempt to describe the show here would not do it justice. The Scissor Sisters sounded much like they do on their recordings, which is always a pleasant surprise. Too often live performances by a much loved band are lack-lustre and flat. The guys and girl were anything but. Anna Matronic is awesome… when retelling the story of a letter they received after a Sydney concert in which they were told they swear too much, they swore even more!

About halfway through the concert Jake and the band sang a short tribute to Anna Nicole-smith who passed away yesterday. Today she’s on the front page of every news paper. It is so true that the woman who didn’t really do much in her life was a major celebrity. Was she this generations Marilyn Munroe? Given the choice to sing “Candle in the Wind” with altered lyrics the Scissor Sisters seem to think so.

The show was amazing, did I say that already? I love these guys, can you tell? They are just so darn entertaining, can’t wait to see them again.

Huge thanks to SZ who was generous enough to let me borrow her compact camera for the evening. The Canon IXUS 50 did a fair job of capturing some nice shots from the concert, and some video too (which I’m currently attempting to upload to YouTube).

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