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Birthday Joy

Huge thanks to everyone who made my birthday a truly happy occasion. Special thanks to Roberta who sent me my first ever international SMS all the way from Italy… awesome girl.

Also massive thanks to the guys at work. I work with some of the best people in the world. TWO, count them, two Black Forrest Cakes. One covered with beatiful fresh cream (does anyone like that mock stuff). The other prepared by Daniel’s awesome housemate, who I’ve never met but makes a mean Black Forrest. I’ve been slack in sending him my thanks via the Wii (out Wiis are connected… umm minds back up here thanks).

I also got a lovely boquet of balloons and a giant Haighs Chocolate Frog. There were also more phone calls than I think I’ve ever had on a Birthday. I gotta say other than missing my family something bad at times, Melbourne has been the best move of my life.

To top it off I got home (with a quarter of one of the Black Forrest cakes still in tact) to find even more cake at home. I’m all caked out and the diet starts again on Monday for sure. With Gym included.

All of Craig’s talk about his gym success, I don’t want to be left behind :P And I have a bit of work to do.
So here’s to being 33 and entering my 34th year on Earth.