Ouchy Arm

My poor left forearm is in pain. No only did Bungee scratch me but on Saturday we went to the Girls’ place to help them lift their heavy-assed industrial sewing machine onto the back of a truck… and lets just say I almost dropped it and it landed on my arm. Because I’m not sure how to do paragraphs in this blogging tool (IMified) this is all one big paragraph… sorry. But now my arm is bruised and scratched and sore! I know I’m a big boy and I should get over it, and soon I will.

Let’s see if that works to put breaks in.

But hey hey… I made it to the gym this morning so it’s all good.


  1. It’s still looking a little red… but should come good.

    Haven’t got a chance to get to the TV/Wii as David has been playing with Vista, trying to set up the video card so it works properly… I tell ya it wouldn’t be so hard on a mac.

    Gotta say he is now sitting behind me telling me how relieved he is that it all works. We have Fullscreen TV (no more grey bars) AND the Computer is now connected via composite cables which means we have a nice high-def image… sweet.

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