Much Loved Bunny

Gives no love in return… and from what I read this morning, that may be a good thing. But first…

Yes it seems he is going for a record of being the most photographed rabbit in the world as more photos of him appear on Flickr. But what can I do, he’s just too darn cute.

This morning I took a series of photos about his current hole he is digging in the backyard. Bungee is in trouble with David who doesn’t like having great chasms in the yard.

In an attempt to find out if there is anyway to stop Bungee from doing what comes natural to him I’ve started a post on a Flickr group asking for feedback from others as to how I may stop him from digging great holes in the yard.

I’ve tried covering the hole, filling it back in (he just digs it out faster) and even lining the hole with pepper… apparently he likes the taste of pepper cause he started eating the dirt. The only up-side; he appears to have hit clay and this has slowed him down somewhat, but he’s a smart rabbit, I’m sure he’ll find a way through it.

While looking at the Flickr discussions I ran into an extremely funny post about hormonal rabbits with tidbits like:

animatedwings says:
When I’m sitting on the floor playing video games, he likes to hop all over me and buzz to get my attention (do any of your rabbits buzz??) He was doing that tonight, and when I put my hand down to pet him (I was watching the game tho and not him) the next second he’s humping my arm! Ew, gross gross gross!

Followed by:

pandachasco says
Yup. Our current buns both were rescues and fixed when we got them, but not our beloved Obsidian. She actually gave me a bruise when she bit down on my arm while humping it. Ouch.

But the one that had me in a fit of laughter:

Lagomorph says:
Whew, I had my bunny for one day before he got neutered and that was enough for me- and the poor cat(“Stop humping the cat, omg, omg, stop it! *runs to grab bunny*)
And soon you’ll experience the drivebypeeing. They run by you and squirt a stream of urine on your pants to say “hey lets mate” oh the joy, ekk

So it sounds like our lovely little Bungee has a few tricks up his/her sleeve before he gets neutered in a couple of months.

The joys of owning cute fluffy bunnies.

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