Mika, A New Sensation?

Mika - A Life in Cartoon MotionPronounced “Meeka” he is the latest sensation our of the UK often referred to as a UK version of the Scissor Sisters, and I admit at times I get a hint of them.

But truth be told, in my opinion, Mika sounds a lot more like a blend of the Beatles, Elton John and on the track “My Interpretation”, he sounds a little too much like the Dawson’s Creek them.

Mika’s first single from “A Life in Cartoon Motion” is “Grace Kelly” for our UK readers at least. However here in Australia we have been presented with “A Dodgy Holiday – EP” which has a track listing void of “Grace Kelly”, but headlined by “Billy Brown”.

The sounds of “A Life in Cartoon Motion” are eclectic to say the least and it’s a good listen. Something different and new is always good. Download it today :P

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