Inequality Reigns Supreme

I gotta say, when I heard about the City of Melbourne attempting to enact a “Relationship Declaration Register” I was kind of impressed and happy to join the people who support it… but then I got to reading and knowing that this will in fact JUST be a list of the gays, I no longer wanted to be a part of it, or support it.

If this is just a list for me to go on to reference my 10 year relationship with my same-sex partner, but offers nothing formal, why do we need it or want it.

Marriage or civil unions which confer full relationship recognition and the benefits and liabilities that go along with it, that’s what I want. Not some half-hearted attempt.

If this passes it may be perceived that we are happy with the make-do system and I for one won’t be.

No offence at all to my older brother, but he has been happily married for some time now, I was at his wedding and celebrated right along with him. David and I have been together longer and would have been married long before he, HAD WE BEEN ALLOWED.

My Dad has been married twice. My cousin has been married and already separated from her husband… I don’t want to sound like a whinger, but IT’S NOT FAIR!

So I say “No” to the Relationship Declaration Register… for me it sounds too much like the Mutant Register from X-Men the Movie! A list so we know how many there are and where they are.

A similar system already exists in other states and has had little up-take since it’s inception back in 2003. Something like 100 couples all up have registered. A sure sign that this is NOT a solution to the issue.

I went to the City of Melbourne Site and declared that, as a gay man, I don’t want the register. I don’t want to settle for less. I’m not less of a human so why should I settle for less?

I don’t get angry often these days, but this is an injustice. Please don’t support this register. Instead look into your local gay and lesbian rights lobby and support their action for Same-Sex Marriage.

Same-sex couples will be able to register their relationship with the City of Melbourne. Registration will not confer rights but may constitute evidence of a relationship in legal proceedings.


Same-sex couples can register their relationship with the Tasmanian Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Registration gives couples immediate access to relationship rights, regardless of such factors as the duration of the relationship, financial interdependence or cohabitation. Only registered partners may adopt, or be presumed to be the parents of, children born to their partners from fertility treatments.

Same-sex couples can register their relationship with the City of Sydney. Registration does not confer rights but may constitute evidence of a relationship in legal proceedings.

Same-sex marriage is allowed in jurisdictions including Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Spain and Massachusetts (US).
Same-sex civil unions or partnerships are recognised in jurisdictions including Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Vermont (US) and Connecticut (US).

Same sex and the city – In Depth –


  1. Thanks… maybe one day. Not sure I can stand the lying and back-patting that goes on. But I of course wouldn’t mind working somewhere for just a few years to walk away with a $100,000/year pension! Especially in an age when a lot of our seniors still can’t afford to eat! Bastard Pollies.

  2. No offence. I think the view taken by modern governments who don’t support marriages between couples, no matter either parties gender, is ridiculous. What harm does John Howard (a staunch proponent of same sex marriages) think is going to come of allowing loving couples to legally formalise their union???

    I fully support your view!

  3. There is an argument, however, that if enough people are on the register, the argument for marriage becomes more convincing for politicians. If there’s nobody on these registers, it might be assumed that “gays don’t want their relationships recognised”, if you get my drift. Long term change usually occurs through evolution, not revolution. Another relevant cliche is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Politics is the art of the possible.

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