Getting to Know You is Getting Around

So first it was Craig over at Another Boy From Oz, then his friend Chris, so now it is my turn and anyone else who wants to join in.

  1. What is your first name?
  2. When is your birthday?
    Who knows when I was released officially from the lab, my ‘rents tell me it was on January 31, 1974.
  3. Number of Candles on your last birthday cake?
    2, well actually one per cake.
  4. Where were you born?
    Blacktown, a suburb in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
  5. Are you patriotic to your country of birth?
    Ummm, you see for me it’s like this. I don’t believe in the whole king and country crap. I think we need a world government and that all nations should be disbanded. There is too much us and them stuff in the world and it drives me crazy. We are all humans (well some of us are human) and we should be able to live in peace. So in short the country I live in is just a piece of dirt. It is no more or less important than any other place on the face of our fair planet.
  6. Where do you live?
    In a gated community in Sanctuary Lakes in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
  7. Marital Status?
    Livin like I’m married and a soon as our government wakes up to itself I will be. We’ve been together for 10 years in April and while we don’t need a piece of paper to document it, it would still be nice.
  8. Have you ever been in love?
    Been is the past tense… I am in love. There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t think of how lucky I am to have the guy I’ve got. Pure luck.
  9. Do you have / want children?
    Sure I want children, but it’s never going to happen. My biological material may one day be shared with another human, but in most cases we poor gay guys just get to be donors to our womb-enabled lesbian friends. We are rarely able to enjoy the experience of being fathers.
  10. How many times have you moved house?
    More than a few… at one point it was like I moved every year.
  11. How did you find out about the birds and the bees?
    Ummm I’m still not sure I have it right :P
  12. Do you have any pets?
    Yep, two cocker spaniels (Adam and Eve), a Rabbit called Bungee and a Cat named Perry who lives with my Sister in Sydney.
  13. Who do you admire?
    Anyone who is living their lives and is happy. I count myself among those people. I admire the guy who wears the Father Christmas outfit, he can put up with all the crap from 9 out of 10 kids just so he can see the smile and light in the face of the child who truly believes he IS Santa.
  14. Summer or Winter?
    In the past I’d say Winter in a heartbeat… these days I really don’t mind. Besides with the weather shifts they are all kind of blending together.
  15. What inspires you?
    Children and those people who can still be awestruck about the world we live in. There is so much that we common folk never take the time to see. It is the people who look for beauty in everything that I am inspired by.
  16. Favourite day of the week?
    Any one I wake up breathing on.
  17. What languages do you speak?
    English and some Japanese (six years in high-school) and currently trying out Italian and Spanish.
  18. Do you like your handwriting?
    What kind of question is that? As a child I was given extra homework in third-grade with the sole intention of improving my illegible handwriting. It is these days much improved.
  19. Favourite family member?
    Again, what kind of question is that? Nobody should pick favourites in family members.
  20. Favourite flowers?
    Classic; long-stemmed red roses, I’ve been a recipient of a few in my time, thanks David :*
  21. Favourite food?
    Who can pick a favourite?
  22. Favourite restaurant?
    Taco Bills, a Mexican restaurant.
  23. Favourite sandwich?
    Toasted chicken, Swiss cheese, avocado and mango chutney. A little shop in Sydney makes them great.
  24. Favourite ice cream?
    Streets Blue Ribbon Vanilla
  25. Favourite home made meal?
    Anything David makes… of recent note his gnocchi and cannelloni are awesome.
  26. What is your favourite dessert?
    Craig’s Mum’s cheesecake… so nice… drooling right now… CHEESECAKE. Grace could be bigger than Sara Lee.
  27. Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
    At the moment, Sprite Zero.
  28. Favourite cocktail?
    Black Russian
  29. If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be?
    These days I miss having lunch with my friend Ben, we used to talk about all kinds of things at lunch… he’s now in Sydney and I’m in Melbourne so it doesn’t happen any more. So as a response to this question I say Benji.
  30. Coke or Pepsi?
    Six months ago this would have been Pepsi Max… trying to cut out caffeine (never have drunken coffee) so moved to Sprite Zero.
  31. Glass half empty or half full?
    Depends on my mood, but I try to stay with the half-full.
  32. Favourite saying or phrase?
    Not sure I have one… it changes all the time and is generally something I pick up from those around me, without really noticing I’m doing it.
  33. How many times did you fail your practical driver’s test?
    Passed first go.
  34. Been in a car accident?
    Yeah a few two at fault but only one really… the first one the woman was a bi-atch and really did slam her brakes on deliberately so the car behind her would hit… To solve road accident cases like this, consider the assistance of a certified irvine dui attorney from For more concerns, call 949-305-0343 for the consultation. I just happened to be that car. The second time was more of a rolling into another car so little damage done and the driverJason Stone Injury Lawyers Boston Review to help us out get into an agreement. Oh wait there is also the time I backed over the letterbox… does that count?
  35. Where would you like to go on vacation?
    Everywhere… I would love to win the lotto (which i don’t actually play so that would be a mean feat in itself). I’d never work again and David and I would travel the world.
  36. What is your most embarrassing CD?
    I love all my music, this question is like asking which of your kids do you like the least! All music has a time and place and most have memories associated with them I don’t have a most embarrassing, though my EYC doesn’t get much play these days.
  37. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
    It would depend on my nature as the other person. The old me might not want to be friends with the new me. Or the new me might travel in different social circles or be on a different continent (or planet) so who can say?
  38. What do you do most when you are bored?
    Who has time to be bored? But on the very odd occasion I watch recorded TV shows or movies.
  39. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
    There was one time when the content of the secret adversely affected another friend. It wasn’t a fair situation and one the secret teller should never have put me in. I value each of my friendships but will never allow an injustice to be done. Granted justice and morality are subjective notions but I’ll not knowingly allow one person to be caused emotional or physical pain for the benefit or enjoyment of another.
  40. Looks or personality?
    What me? or other people? I of course have both LOL I wish. In others, people will tell you personality, but for me it is a combination of both. The big difference being, I can spend time with someone who is pretty but vacuous, but that time will be fleeting. Some who is not so attractive but with whom I get along great will be around much, much longer. If they have both looks and personality… BINGO!
  41. How do you release anger?
    What is this anger you speak of? To be honest I dunno these days. I used to be very angry as a youth, but the anger is gone. When you come to accept that some things just aren’t going to go your way you learn to live with it. There is a reason everything happens and no need to become angry about things over which you have no control.
  42. What characteristics do you despise?
    Prejudice in any form.
  43. Have you ever had the police knock on your front door for no reason?
    “For no reason” no, never.
  44. Do you trust others easily?
    I take everyone at face value and trust is implied until proven otherwise. So I suppose yes. I like to believe in the good of people.
  45. Do you still have your tonsils?
    Ummm I have them again… they were removed when I was about seven, but are back. Guess my concerns about being replaced by a clone are not so unfounded :P
  46. What was your favourite toy as a child?
    I had this plastic record player, ran on C-cell batteries, the top was yellow, the base was red and the top was also the speaker. I played my parents Abba records over and over again on that thing. Well Abba and Jan & Dean. I remember I left it out in the sun one day with a record on it, that record became a little warped. The record player was a little ruined in a brotherly fight once when my brother ripped the top from the bottom. It was also around this time I learnt to fix things. Anything that plays music has always been a favourite.
  47. What class in high school do you think was totally useless.
    I love learning so nothing was useless to me, I still crave learning anything I don’t currently know. I must say though PE was kind of dumb, but not useless. I always got picked first for Basketball, even though I was crap at it, it’s a height thing.
  48. How may hours per week do you spend on the Internet?
    Umm I make my living because of the Internet… I’ve been on this thing since before there was a World Wide Web.. back when it was all FTP and Gopher. I’ve got an ICQ number in the first 500,000 in the world (438462 to be exact). I spend most of my waking life interacting with the Internet in one way or another. If I’m not on the Internet, I’m talking about it. Damn thing controls my life.
  49. Do you keep a journal?
    Of course I have my blog, but it’s not really a journal, it is still a very edited account of the life and times of Tyroga.
  50. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    Nah not really.
  51. Your nicknames?
    As a kid, Eppy was one, but thankfully it feel away. JT and Jamie are pretty common now.
  52. Would you bungee jump?
    Ummm probably not. I’m all for adventure but would not want to become a pancake.
  53. Been toilet papering?
    Nope, not really into vandalism or vilification of another.
  54. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  55. Do you think that you are strong?
    Nope, not physically… but given the motivation I can be… think green and you’ll know what I mean. Emotionally yeah pretty strong.
  56. Shoe Size?
    15 or 16, dang people used to say I have water skies for feet! Once in math class when I was 13 years old I was mucking up and my teacher told me to act my age and not my shoe size… she was a little surprised when I told here there was no difference and wanted to see the sizing on the tongue of my shoe.
  57. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?
    I procrastinate at times, but usually about doing things I really want to do, but fear what others will think if I do it.
  58. What is the most favourite thing about yourself?
    I’m full of information about things most people wouldn’t believe. I very intuitive and can learn things easily.
  59. What’s your special talent?
    Every now and then I get a glimmer of the shine. Guess that will only make sense to Stephen King (and Stanley Kubrick) fans.
  60. Who do you miss the most?
    Hmmm I’m not sure I really, really miss anyone. We all have our time. I hope that when I am gone I will be remembered but never missed.
  61. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing?
    Ummm I woke up not long ago so no shoes… blue pants.
  62. What are you listening to right now?
    Kate Ceberano – True Romantic
  63. Last thing you ate?
    Vitamin C tablets
  64. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
    Pick a blue, any blue.
  65. What is the weather like right now?
    Blue skies with wispy clouds… gonna be a hot one.
  66. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
    There’s another sex? I’ve never noticed!
  67. What kind of car do you drive?
    Now a 1990-something Ford Laser, after trading im my 2004 Jeep… don’t ask.
  68. Favourite sport to play?
    ROFL that’s a good one.
  69. Favourite sport to watch?
    See response to question 68.
  70. Hair colour?
    Light brown, dark blond.
  71. Eye colour?
    Hazel, Blue, Green, depends on the day and my mood, I have mood-eyes :P
  72. Do you wear contacts?
    Is this a survey for future advertising purposes? Yes, I do.
  73. Tattoos?
  74. Piercings?
    Not any more.
  75. Last movie you watched?
    The Prestige interesting movie with a twist that wasn’t too hard to see.
  76. Scary movies or happy endings?
    No preference, though I do have to say that most scary movies have happy endings. That’s probably one thing I liked about the movie “The Pulse” it didn’t have a happy ending…
  77. What books are you reading?
    Currently Terry Goodkind’s “Chainfire”. Book nine of the Sword of Truth series, Prototype 1.5: The Complete API Reference.
  78. What fabric detergent do you use?
    Coles Savings Brand – cheap and smells nice.
  79. What is (are) your favourite TV show(s)?
    Star Trek (any series), Battlestar Galactica, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Medium, House. Wildlife documentaries, particularly those hosted by David Attenborough.
  80. What did you watch last night on TV?
  81. Favourite smells?
    Real roses (but not the bottled smells), Jasmine, Joop Jump, Armarni White (Discontinued), Joop Nightflight, David when he’s wearing his Egoiste Platinum.
  82. Favourite sounds?
    Music, I don’t like silence… it scares me.
  83. Rolling Stones of Beatles?
    I agree with Craig on this one… it needs to be updated maybe it should now be P!nk or Britney?
  84. Do you believe in Evolution or Creation?
    Evolution all the way. Organised religion is a crock. Though I gotta say I’m amazed how some plant / animal symbiotic relationships exists, particularly in the insect world. But then as “Life in the Undergrowth” reminds us, they have had millions of years to adapt and evolve.
  85. What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?
    A couple of million light years, I miss my home planet at times but this one is all good. One day my kind will rise to enslave you all… whoops not meant to say that. I mean Melbourne is the farthest (more correct word) I have been from my place of origin, but it is now my home.
  86. Where would you retire?
    Who knows? That is a long way off and I’m not one plan quite that far ahead.
  87. How much do you love your job?
    It’s alright… I wouldn’t say I LOVE it, but I do, on occasion, enjoy it. Of course I am currently working on a new project which I hope to become my job in the future.
  88. If you could live anywhere in the world?
    Happy where I am right now. Australia is a great place to live (not that I have anything to go on for comparison).

Well there you go, that’s a crap-load of questions and may well give a little insight into me. Crazy huh?


  1. Consider me ‘insighted’ and my opinion of you hasn’t changed at all.
    I still think you rock!

    You’re one of the nicest people I know, I’d say nicest totally, but I’d hate to leave out David ;) Or my cheesecake making mum – muwahaha

  2. Have to agree on that one: you are one of the nicest people I know – kind, generous, intelligent, great sense of humour… I could go on, but I don’t want to embarrass you (oh, I left out good looking on purpose) LOL.

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