Ever Been Lost on the Internet?

So anyway, today I’m reading a blog, that leads me to another blog, that has a link to a blog I often read. That blog from R*yan talks about a Melbourne Blogger Meet-up which I’m thinking might be cool, only to check out the comments to check out who else is blogging in Melbourne and jump another blog, then another. Followed by following links from their blogs and getting into some of their stories.

Only to look up an hour later and think, how the heck did I get here? There’s a few stories that I read that are v.cool, but because of my radical way of jumping from page to page to page (damn hyperlinks) I’d have to go through my history (which already for this morning has over 60 pages in it) to try and track them down.

Two quick ones though, Fletcherbeaver and  DUP. Look like they will probably become regular reads.


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