Dreaming of Cooler Climes

Photo by SD-05 (Stefan) found on flickrAs we race towards our second day in a row at 38ºC here in Melbourne, just slightly hotter than Friday’s 36ºC, I’m wishing for a cooler climate. I’ve heard mention that we are expecting some serious rainfall… IN APRIL!

So while we swelter in the heat and create a huge demand on our power grid for air-conditioning I think of the places in the world such as that pictured here.

I know in the 88 questions for Getting to Know You (posted yesterday) I said that I don’t mind summer these days… I didn’t really think of the 38º days. I moved to Melbourne expecting more moderate temperatures in summer.

For those who don’t know, growing up in Sydney (New South Wales), Melbourne had a reputation of being a cold, rainy city… it was a city I dreamed of visiting on hot days. Now I live here I’m thinking of Switzerland and ice encased vans :P

Oh well I have some work to do today. And I have begun a manifesto for The Usagi Project… so don’t think all has gone quiet on that front… The Project is my future.

The photo above found on Flickr. Taken by Stefan (Siamese Dreams) visit his photo stream for more great photos on Flickr.

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