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Canon 400D aka Rebel XTiBy the end of the month :) My sadness of yesterday is no more. The Canon 400D AKA the Rebel XTi just might be my birthday present. Sure it’s from the lower range than my 10D but it surpasses its abilities so I am more than happy with the idea of getting it.

As I’ve mentioned in the past my 10D has been through some very rough times, it doesn’t meter right and my lenses kinda hit the deck at the same time so a couple of them need to be replaced as well. As luck would have it the 400D can come with a two lens kit which replaces both of the ones that I have that function no more. And the works of art I see on Flickr that come from the 400D (or Rebel XTi) are more than proof that it is a fine camera.

I look forward to taking lots and lots more photos in the very near future.

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