Sure It Should be Free, but You’ll be Paying Someone!

Victorian Water Minister John Thwaites said that, if water were to be privatised, a tax on rainwater in tanks would be likely to follow.

Mr Thwaites said the State Government opposed any taxes on rainwater.

Turnbull denies plan for taxing rain tanks – National –

This one goes in the WTF pile. How the heck can they tax something like rainwater. And why once the water companies have been privatised?

Sounds like another case of the government of this country planning on propping up a private business instead of helping the people they are supposed to be working for.

Just like the private health insurance industry. It became manditory for people to obtain private health insurance if they were over 30 or if they earned more than $55,000 per annum. If you didn’t you were going to be hit with extra tax.

Fair enough you might say, people should help pay for their health… but consider… you don’t HAVE to use that private health insurance if you go to hospital, you can still go in as a public patient at tax-payers’ cost. Which personally I think is right and fair.

If you do choose to go in under your private insurance you get charged a premium price for every service you use. Practically everything you have once you enter the hospital will cost above and beyond what your insurance actually covers and you are left to pay the gap. As a public patient you pay for nothing.

Ådd to this that the government has allowed private health insurance premiums to increase by more than 150% since they starting this compulsory insurance policy and I hope you’ll agree it sounds like a scam.

I’m tired of governments that look towards their personal and political party sponsors before they look at what is in the best interest of the people. I’m also tired of watching Australia become a mini-me of the US of A.

Insurance is being privatised and the government is constantly talking about scrapping Medicare (or public health system). I can see the day when it is like we see in the movies. People dying because they can’t afford to pay for their own survival… but we need to understand and we need to believe one thing… life is more important that money and a rich man’s life is in no way more worthy of survival than the destitute man who lives on the street.

Each life is prescious and deserves to be lived.

How this went from being about water and turned into a rant about health insurance may make you wonder about my thought processes, or if you think like me, maybe not. But read on as I take this rant in an entirely new direction.

It is a trend we can see in every facet of life. Education for instance… in this country university used to be free. The people who are in power now and who legislated away our free education are ALL products of the free education system.

Add to all of this the constant “threat of terror” and you have the perfect recipe… keep the people poor, uniformed and fearful and they will do as you say.

News flash folks, two things can come of this and both are already in the making. It’s only a matter of time before one of them wins out.

  1. Nations that don’t behave so stupidly will become superpowers and we, the once lucky country will end up producing their crap for $2.00 an hour… or
  2. The people of the nation will stand for the idiot government no more and will rise against it as a single force, calling for its destruction.

I hope I live to see the day when we, as a people, wake up and see that the corporations are running this country and not the people we elected to power. I’m in no way anti-corporate, I’m a consumer at heart. But just like my belief that the churches should stay out of politics… I also believe that big business should keep its distance too.

Government should be for the people… but I’m not sure that’s something we’ll ever see again.

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  1. Whoa you’re in good form. And I agree with all that you say. Wonder how long it will take to tax the air that we breathe?

    I’m predicting #2: we’ll be producing the crap for $2 per hour, ’cause we are way too complacent and too darn stupid. How else can you explain this government being voted in time after time?

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