Return of the Master!

To say my dream last night was amazing would be a gross understatement. Two big themes of the dream included Pirates of the Caribbean Part 3 and Doctor Who (without the Doctor) and having said that, the title of this post will make a lot of sense to Doctor Who fans.

It was an awkward dream at the start… I was watching part three of Pirates at the cinema, the story line was a whole Rum Rebellion type thing… Captain Jack Sparrow was helping the colonial fleet track down some bad pirates… it was a full on movie I was watching, fight scenes and everything.

I even saw myself coming out of the cinema at the end and commenting to David that they didn’t resolve the whole Jack taken by the Kraken thing… it just started off with Jack back on the high seas aboard the Black Pearl. Oh well that was just the start… it got a little weirder.

I’m suddenly on one of the big ships, we’re at sea, a battle with rogue pirates ensues. There is another ship with families on board, it appears to be the target of the rogue pirates. Captain Jack Sparrow (as I am compelled to call him) wants to intervene and protect the ship. Battle is won, pirate ship is destroyed and sinks.

We follow the family ship back to port, dock and stand on the dock… it’s a long dock with a stateroom on the pier. One problem is I forgot to tie the ships off. The seas get a little rough and the ships drift away from the dock, everyone in a panic and rightly so…

The ships move away from the dock then come fast back towards the dock, they slam into the dock parts of the smaller shop break away. The bow of the Black Pearl comes through a window of the glass enclosed stateroom on the dock.

Another ship rounds the heads and moves towards port, it is more rouge pirates. It’s chaos… I’m running around trying to move kids to safety. Part of the dock breaks away, one kid falls to a beam just below the pier, the ebb of the waves has taken the ships out again, I take the opportunity to jump down and pull the kid back up from below the pier, waves are crashing into the pylons below us.

The waves are bringing the ship back towards the pier, we run and grab a small table for support , we cower and prepare for the collision as the ship rams the pier once more.

Everything goes calm, when we open our eyes we are no longer on the dock. We are in a room with chequerboard floors. There is a woman who is dressed as a pirate and two small children, me and the boy who I grabbed from below the dock.

The woman is smiling, she has blackened teeth and is very dishevelled. She offers us something to eat, we decline… she leaves the room her boots clicking on the tiles.

A man enters from another door, welcomes us. I demand to know where we are. He replies, “Don’t you mean WHEN you are?”

I demand to know who he is, why we are here. “Me?” He replies, “I’m a timelord.”

I think how can that be? They are all gone, the Doctor is the only one that remains.

“You’re wondering how that could be?” he asks like he’s reading my mind.

“If you’re a timelord, where’s your TARDIS?” I say.

“It’s right in front of you dear boy, how do you think I got you here?” he replies.

With this he approaches the table that we arrived with, touching the table it begins to morph into a cube which expands to a tall box, “You may be more familiar with this…” he says as the box fills out and changes colour to become the Police box, the form in which the Doctor’s TARDIS is stuck (as the chameleon feature of his TARDIS no longer works).

“How can this be?” I ask “You were destroyed”.

“I am the Master dear boy… no one may destroy me!” And with that he begins to laugh, laughter that continues until I wake.

The dream was full of so much detail, unfortunately I wish I had more time to write it all out as I saw it. The mind’s capacity for creating such fantastic images in our subconscious is amazing. There was so much… I could smell the ocean wind, feel the sea spray, feel the fear and anxiety and hear the crashing waves.

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  1. I actually found myself reading that faster and faster for the next installment.

    If I hadn’t actually met you in person I’d think you were weird. But I have.
    I still think you’re weird ;) but you’re my favourite weirdo ever :)

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