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Jason Mraz

I’ve recently signed up to a service called iLike. It adds a pane to iTunes and recommends artists dependent on what you’re currently listening to. The artists it offers have both free music and pay for music.

Not a bad service, but you do have to be willing to share a little bit of information, it uploads to the server every time you play a song and records it on your profile. Check it out at

According to the site, my top 20 artists are;

  1. Jason Mraz [431]
  2. Pink [270]
  3. Janet Jackson [268]
  4. Prince [265]
  5. Pet Shop Boys [260]
  6. Cyndi Lauper [237]
  7. Madonna [205]
  8. Texas [194]
  9. Scissor Sisters [190]
  10. Alanis Morissette [177]
  11. Christina Aguilera [158]
  12. Eurythmics [133]
  13. Jesse McCartney [132]
  14. Kylie Minogue [122]
  15. Sarah McLachlan [113]
  16. Dixie Chicks [101]
  17. Howie Day [96]
  18. ABBA [94]
  19. George Michael [91]
  20. Annie Lennox [89]

These stats are only since the last time I formatted my computer, and I’ve only recently started syncing my iPod in a way that records to plays from it back to the computer. So while they are not total and accurate, I’d have to say they are a fair indication of my musical taste.

Those that just missed out of the top 20 include, Deborah Gibson, Garbage, Nelly Furtado, Teddy Geiger.

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  1. Omg you’re gay! ;)

    But I still love ya! I may have to have a look at that myself for my iTunes and iPod.

    I took it to the gym today, and very quickly realised it was about time I updated my music.

  2. Howie Day would be much higher if I sync my iPod properly, Stop all the World Now is probably one of the most played albums in my car. But Jason would still be number one. What I love the most is that I first heard about both artists through free music downloads from iTunes.

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