Local PlayStation launch in March

Asher Moses
January 25, 2007

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console will go on sale in Australia on March 23, but only the more expensive $999 model will be offered, Sony said today.

Sony had previously promised also to offer a $829 bundle, which had similar features but lacked memory card slots and wireless connectivity and included a smaller hard drive.

Additionally, Australians buying the $999 model will pay more than Americans, who have been able to buy the console for $US599 ($770) since it was launched in the US in November last year.

In choosing not to sell the cheaper model, Sony said it was “responding to retail and consumer demand”, and would consider introducing it later this year.

Local PlayStation launch in March – Games – Technology – theage.com.au

Are Sony kidding themselves or hoping that Australian’s are fools? Paying over $200 more than the conversion rate for a PS3?

I suggest we boycot the sale of the PS3, not because I’m a Nintendo fanboy but because I’m sick of seeing the early adopters stung with a high price, while Johnny Come Latelies pay a lower fee.

How about they release the damn thing at a resonable price and leave it there?

Many experts have already gone on record as saying the the PS3 is a fantastic machine, from which no one will ever see the full potential. So why are we going to be paying for features we will never use?

And what’s with talk of the second unit, sans memory card slots and wireless connectivity at only a $179 saving. Phewy to that.

C’mon Aussies, let’s not buy this thing until they drop the price… shipping per unit to Australia has to be cheaper than it is to the states, Tiawan is so much closer to here. So why are we paying so much more!


  1. Speaking as an Aussie in America, don’t buy one.
    They’re not as popular here as many would think, and most people would rather use their PS2.

    As for early adopters being stung with higher prices. Don’t be so impatient. ;)

    Oh, and Happy Birthday for Wednesday ;) Hope you have an ace day!

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