I Don’t Always Like What I See When Asleep

If you choose to continue on and read the post that follows the link I give you this warning. It’s not one of the nice dreams. It’s not one of the cryptic dreams. 

While I have gone into some detail, I’ve also left a lot out. It was like I was seeing this through the eyes of someone else. I was a passive observer, seeing what they saw. I didn’t like dreaming this and that is why the warning exists.

I think if you’re reading this in an RSS reader the link may not work and the whole thing will appear… if you’re likely to be disturbed the stop reading now. I’m on a boat, a hostess stands before me, she only speaks Chinese. She is beautiful, dressed in a silken gown, he hair raised high on her head in a bun, fixed in place with a hair pin.

She is talking to me, and while I can’t understand a thing she is saying, by looking about I understand the nature of the boat and the services it offers.

The murky brown waters on which the boat is floating show a faint disturbance, at first I thought it was from the movement of the drifting boat, but soon realise there are crocodiles or alligators in the water.

On deck to the right of me is a group of maybe twenty women, bound at the ankles and wrists. Further bound around shin and lower-back and forearm and upper-back forcing each into the foetal position. They are gagged and blindfolded. By their restricted movements they are most obviously alive. Some struggling against their restraints, some barely breathing.

The hostess continues to talk, while I don’t understand her still I get the feeling that there is someone else there that she is talking to, and while looking directly at me, it is not me she is seeing.

Gesturing to my left, under an awning at the bow of the boat, the hostess is pointing out a holding pen. Inside the pen are a mass of snakes, sliding over each other; I know they are all male, honestly, if I had the chance I’d call the snake removal company right away. She further directs attention to the main section of the boat, all I can see is a darkened area and stairs that go below the deck.

The intention and reason for the boat is clear. I don’t even pretend to know where this dream came from, but know this… this “boat cruise” is for wealthy businessmen. Just like in a restaurant you can make your choices. From the pen of snakes you make a selection. The snake is removed, the chef on board the boat will prepare the snakes penis for you to eat, it will provide you with sexual stamina. You then make your second selection, from the group of bound women after which head below.

The woman will be cleaned and brought to your cabin, what you do then is up to you. You know full well that once finished with the woman she will be thrown overboard into the waters teeming with a method of disposal.

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