Holy Crap Apple has Done it Again!

Apple iPhone

The new Apple Phone (check it out http://www.apple.com/iphone/) has been announced… watching the updates on macrumours.com Sounds AMAZING now we have to wait three years before we can have it here. I heard earlier that one of their barriers to entry to the phone market was deals with the phone companies. But I also heard that the phone would be unlocked and not with one specific carrier. If the latter is true than the Apple Phone will be available worldwide.

Update: It appears in the US the phone will be locked to Cingular (which is now part of AT&T), it’s 3G. Still holding out hope it will be unlocked when it comes to Australia, which wasn’t even mentioned in the keynote… Europe will get it in end 2007, Asia 2008.

Touch screen, full-faced touch sensitive screen. Oh and it also plays the Beatles! Not sure if that was a dig at the Beatles or confirmation that Apple will now have the Beatles catalogue on iTunes, the first time ever that the Beatles will be in electronic download.

No more Apple Computers Inc, they are just Apple Inc. Partnering with Yahoo AND Google for features on the phone. They use Yahoo mail which is a slap in the face for dotMAC subscribers. And with the Google Map feature it needs GPS so that it can say “you are here” and offer directions. There’s always phase two of the project.

Two more things… I notice that there is no Apple branding on the phone. And am a little annoyed that it only comes in 4GB and 8GB, it’s basically a nano with a phone and ALL those other features too. Where is my full screen touch screen 60 (or 80)GB iPod? I want it now!

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