Holes in the World

Sleep didn’t come easy last night, I had a monumental migraine, but when it did finally come my dream was crazy and interesting enough to warrant the large amount of pain that preceded it.

So here’s the brief synopsis (of roughly what I can still remember)…

I went to the house of a friend. It had been a long time since I had visited, too long as it turned out because he no longer lived there as I found out once I knocked on the door. The new occupants ushered me into the house and wanted an explanation of the type of person my friend was.

Thinking what the heck are they talking about, and highly intrigued I went into the house. Upon entering their questions made sense.

There were holes in the walls, covered with translucent paper. The paper had words written upon it. There were also doors that had been ripped off and replaced with the translucent paper (cupboard doors, a hallway closet).

It was strange and I was intrigued. Walking around the home I noticed there were names on each of the pieces of paper and an dossier type record for each name.

One read;

  • Margaret Devoure
  • 43
  • Female
  • Married
  • 5 Children
  • Car accident
  • DOD: 15/11/2012

While staring at the words written upon the paper over one hole in a wall I could see beyond into the darkness, but it wasn’t all dark… a multi-coloured light was moving inside the wall, at a distance that was too far away (as the walls were only a foot thick before the next room started).

The other covers of paper showed similar text and most also had the lights beyond.

Still fascinated I walked around more of the house, beginning to believe that I was looking at a graveyard of sorts, or a multitude of portals between our world and the world beyond. The only confusing thing was the dates of death (DOD). Most of them were in the future.

My final stop was to the bathroom where I noticed that the toilet seat was removed and again a translucent piece of paper had replaced it. The top of the cistern had been removed and it appeared quite obvious that this is where the occupants of the house former and current had been relieving themselves.

After wandering around a few more rooms and seeing the lights beyond the paper I stopped at a familiar name (but one I don’t recall now). I stared for a long time at the hole in the wall and the lights came closer and closer until a face was revealed… it was then that I awoke from the dream.

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