Goals for 2007

Listed below are my personal goals for 2007. This is not something I usually do but as I’m getting older I feel like I need a check-list to stay on track, so here goes.

  1. Be a better friend.Anyone with whom I see/talk/chat to online etc knows that when I’m in the moment I’m there with them. But for me it is often out of sight but never out of mind. I’ve had a long standing hatred of the telephone, I prefer to see people when I talk to them. This however is a contradiction when it comes to online chat, where I much prefer text chatting to face to face contact.

    In 2007 I will contact my friends more. I will foster new friendships and allow those which I already hold so dear to grow.

  2. Get in shape.I’m fast approaching 33 and they say that as the years go on it becomes harder to get oneself into shape. I had better get moving. I know this is a fairly common resolution for people. I used to work in a gym and see so many people come during the first few weeks of January, pay their 500 bucks, come once or twice and never be seen again. I don’t want to be one of those people any more.

    The world in which we live is shallow and people who are in shape do get treated differently. It’s not all about knowledge, skill and attitude… too damn much of it is about how you look.

    I’m looking to loose maybe 30-40kg… a new me is coming.

  3. Go to a dance party.I’ve never been… I know, can you believe it… It’s something I want to experience at least once, who knows what I am missing out on.
  4. Be more informed.I already think I’m pretty informed, but there is so much going on in the world that I don’t understand. The human condition is a scary thing and I want to understand it better.
  5. Take more photographs.Something I love but am not doing enough of at the moment. It is a passion I want to indulge more freely. I need to get into more experimentation. I see so many great photos on Flickr and would love to have an ounce of what some of them capture.
  6. Think more happy thoughts.We see so many bad things in the news. Some natural like volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami and some human-created weapons testing, mass-murder, road death and suicide. While not a happy one to end my goals on it is probably the most important for me.

    When I hear of a fatality on a road I think about that poor persons family, who may not know for hours that someone has died. I think about their co-workers who may be wondering where they are and why they haven’t made it into work yet and it scares me. After all driving is not that hard and yet it kills so many people.

    I also think about the fact that one other thing kills more Australians than bad driving and that is their own minds. More people commit suicide each year than die on our roads and yet the statistics are buried and it’s something we don’t talk about. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT!

So there are my top six for 2007, as you can see I think I need a lot of work on point six and I’m working on it. But I don’t ever want to become insular, thinking only of my own little world and avoiding what is going on in the world around me… sure it would reduce the things I ponder on and worry about, but it’s really no way to LIVE.


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