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Vedran at work told me about a great site today… here I was thinking IRC was dead and yet it seems to be alive and well.

There is a cool site called QDB found at A couple of gems I found today include;

#639555 (2864)
* @darklyndsea claws bizarre’s eyes out
< @Bizarre> (

#62388 (175)
< Marticus > i am perusing wil wheatons web log
< toe2toe > What is “being fucking bored and running out of things to do on the internet”
< toe2toe > oh sorry…  i thought this was jeopardy there for a second

#54074 (394)
Cat1013: Whoops
Cat1013: I just really confused my grandma.
HermitKing: She has IM?
Cat1013: She just got it. I was talking to her, and she asked about my new car.
Cat1013: I said that it was fine, but that it makes a funny noise whenever I shift.
HermitKing: So?
Cat1013: I left the “f” out of “shift”.

#56808 (76)
< SJr|Tecra > Someone say something to take my mind off the pain.
< wizer > just pleasure your self you will feel better
* wizer brb
< arrow| > probably going to take his own advice

#48390 (502)
< mindcrime > i er
< mindcrime > hung up with the pizza dude
< mindcrime > and i were like going to say “ah, lovely, thanks”
< mindcrime > and i er
< mindcrime > managed to say “I love you”
< mindcrime > he must think im a complete freak

#56536 (284)
< Zak- > she’s cute as
< Zak- > somebody find her for me
< Agrajag > are you crazy? i thought females were just things people made up on the internet
< Octane > There’s only two types of females: *.jpgs and *.gifs.

#723561 (16)
< Gwill|drunk > Backspace is my firend tonithg.
< Gwill|drunk > Or maybe nt…

#721847 (256)
< ninj4 > my neighbour has THE nicest ass
< ninj4 > oh, and his wife’s isn’t bad either

#170 (1783)
[@smcn] like #bearcave. you wouldn’t expect it to be a gay channel. YOU WOULD EXPECT IT TO BE A CHANNEL ABOUT BEARS WOULDN’T YOU!

This next ones aren’t exactly child friendly so kids look away.

#20240 (544)
< outcaste > costume party tip #417 – If you forget to pick up a costume, just turn up in your underwear. If someone asks you what you’ve arrived as, just say “premature ejaculation – I came in my underwear”.

#47717 (229)
< zocor> anyone wanna watch a guy jerk off on cam
< zocor> oh shit… wrong channel :/

Yes some of them are crude, some are rude and some are very funny but I can’t list here because my mum might get around to reading this one day.

So if you have a history in IRC or any IM for that matter then check out the latest listings on They should have you laughing.

2 replies on “Geek Fun”

I’ll always be thankful for IRC given that’s how I met David :D

Kids today just don’t understand it, they all want to video chat (and not always in a polite “oh that’s what your face looks like” kind of way).

Given that still gets updates I’d say IRC is still alive and well.

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