Early Presents…

My new Canon 400D was purchased today… it’s beautiful. I ended up with the silver one, which I’m feeling more comfortable about then I expected. I know they are the same camera, and only difference is the colour.

At 10.1 megapixels it has greater scope than my 10D which is just over 6 megapixels.

I had to do updates for both my iPhoto and Photoshop to allow them to read the .cr2 filetype.

I’m a happy camper, you can expect to see more photos again from me. The only other thing I need for it soon will be a camera bag… I’m looking for a good backpack one that isn’t too bulky. Just has to carry the camera, a couple of lenses, some filters and a pad and pen space would be good too.


  1. Oooo ace! Congratulations.

    If you want the perfect backpack for your new camera, we got one just before we left to come here, from the Crumpler store in Fitzroy on the corner of Smith Street and Gertrude Street.

    Perfect size for the camera, filters, lenses, pad, pen, and a bag of country mints. LOL! They’re also pretty ;)

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