Apple Day Tomorrow

Have to go to bed! When I wake up there should be some nice new toys from Apple to play with… Steve Jobs does the Keynote at 4am our time (I’m not waking for it), so when I do get up the Apple home page should be telling me about all the fantastic things I’m going to want but can’t afford.

Two things I’m hoping for are

  1. Apple Phone
  2. Video iPod (the real one not that thing they have now)

Having said that, rumours are that the Apple Cell Phone will have iPod capabilities so not sure what the point of having two new iPods would be.

Besides it will probably be years before we see the Apple Phone here at all.


  1. You and I both know that regardless of the phones capabilities you’ll still want another iPod.

    Remember… I’ve seen your collection, you won’t be able to resist it ;)

  2. ROFL you know me too well… I’m already considering asking you to get one for me and send it over. But I’ll have to see if it can come unlocked or if it is set to just be on Cingular. ROFL. Cause most of the apps should still work here, it’s quad band GSM which is compatible here. YAY

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