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What is this Wet Stuff

It has been falling from the sky for the past three days, and I gotta say thank the gods. I’m thinking it needs to rain like this four about another 40 days and 40 nights before it is of any real help and I don’t see that happening.

Another site to see is all the people dashing through the rain, or running for cover from the stuff like it was something alien, or acid rain that was going to make them melt like some wiked witch with a fetish for ruby red slippers. I walked casually through it, basking in the feel of the drops on my skin. I love the rain.

One bit of universal irony, the areas of the state that have been ravaged by bushfires this past week are now experiencing flooding. Not a good time for the poor guys. What’s a little strange for David and I, we recieved a letter from our estate agent, advising us that they have been advised we have are not maintaining the property in accordance with our lease. The lawns don’t need mowing, cause, well there ain’t no lawn… just some tufts of brown stuff sitting on more brown stuff. The gardens are still there, some weeds sprung up but we sprayed them a couple of weeks ago and they are now yellow in in the final moments of their lives.

Compared to our neighbours’ gardens ours are great. And while we are on it we should talk to them about fixing the render on the back fence that was supposed to be done a year after we moved it, we’re now into our third year here!

So the crux of the post… we have RAIN! And the garden will probably now need mowing in the short future.

PS: do you have any idea how hard it is to get a photo of rain? See how the road glistens, that is because it is wet from the rain. Sure I could have tried harder, but I was in awe of the downpour.

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Demetri Martin… Funny As

The first time I saw Demetri Martin was on Rove Live, a weekly entertainment / comedy / celebrity show here in Australia. He was so funny that when the Melbourne Comedy Festival came around I looked to get tickets for his show… but he was already sold out.

I’m sure some people won’t get most of his humour but I think he is hilarious. There is currently a 5-part special on YouTube that has been taken from Comedy Central. I reckon you should all watch it and let me know what you think. The first part is here. But see YouTube for the second and subsequent parts.

As is the nature of these things it may not be around for long, so get it while you can.