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Something Terrible has Happened and I am Now Sad!

The Jeep Wrangler Extreme Sport that I have loved for the past three years… is no more. We traded it in today.

Originally we were going to trade it in with Hyundai and get two Hyundai Getz (trading in the Laser too). But today we went and looked at the Ford Fiesta Zetec and decided they were much better than the Getz, but more expensive. So for now we only have one new car.

UNE is our new little car. To make me appear crazier than ever I have suggested that David drive the new car to work and I’ll take the Laser… madness for sure. But then I figured he’s been dealing with the Laser and all it’s quirks for some time now (mostly without complaint) so it’s time I took on some of it.

Of course it also means the next new car will be mine. But it will probably be another Fiesta in 6-12 months (all things being equal).

One plus is that we didn’t have the change over money, so we financed the $3,500 that we needed for change over… but they smallest amount they’d do was $5,000. Let’s just say it is my birthday in a few weeks so I might just get a extra-nice present this year.

We also received a Rewards Program book with a whole heap of vouchers, much like the Entertainment Book it has vouchers to be used in restaurants, hotels, hire car, sport and entertainment venues. We better make sure we use it… we need to use about $19,000 worth to come out even.

So yes I’m a little sad and at one point during the negotiations, when they tried to tell us they could only give us 14,000 for the Jeep, I nearly cried, tears were a-welling I can tell you.

I will miss the little Jeep, but won’t miss the cost of keeping it filled with Petrol.

See a couple more photos on my Flickr Set: Our New Car