Wii for Me

Our Nintendo WiiIt should read Wii for us, but that doesn’t rhyme now does it?

Yes it’s true, the image you see here is actually OUR very own Nintendo Wii. And like most purchases here it has a story…

Why am I blogging it and not out playing it? Well you see, set up is very very easy and the little sucker connected straight to our Wi-Fi network (after putting the password in of course) and what’s the first thing it does once connected to the Internet… starts downloading an update… and then once it’s finished that, it does another one!

I tell you what manufacturers are amazing these days, if it has an Internet connection they can send things out not quite right and fix it up later, not that I’m complaining, obviously the updates are needed and hopefully will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Now how did we get such an unattainable item? Over the past few days, David has rung every single store he could think of and every location of every type of store. No one has any available. They are already taking pre-orders for the next batch not due in Australia until late January early February.

Well David, being the genius he is, checked out eBay, but no way were we gonna get one there, he was messaging every single person who had a Wii listed in Melbourne and asked if they would sell it to him direct (which you’re not supposed to do I might add). A couple came back with quotes of $700 or $800+ and there is no way we were going to pay that!!! Are they mad?

For his next trick David found the site www.mywii.com.au and after reading about the lack of Wii’s in Australia decided to take a chance and put the call out to anyone who happened to have one for sale. Guess what… he got a great many responses saying what a shame it is that there aren’t enough to go around… and one saying he’d sell one he had on pre-order (a second one) for $525.

While I wasn’t excited about paying $525 for something that only cost $399 I was overjoyed at the idea of having one around for our two week Christmas holidays, all that entertainment is surely worth more than $126.

So a huge thank you goes out to Beatmaster who had presence of mind to pre-order two consoles. And while I know that his pre-orders were bundles that included games, I don’t mind that he got Need for Speed, cause I gotta say it’s not a game we’d probably play very often anyway.

Having just checked out the MyWii site, it actually appears that our new Wii might have been nefariously acquired… seems that Beatmaster actually cancelled his pre-order but got a call from ToysRUs to ask if he still wanted it… and given that he could on-sell why wouldn’t he say “yes”? I just hope that this doesn’t mean that some little Johnny is going without one for Christmas. But as his name was the book I’d suggest it was reserved for him.

So all that said, it’s still downloading the second lot of updates, I’ll report back with my Mii Code and first reports about game play soon…ish.


  1. Suffer little Johnny! If it means you got a Wii first, so be it.

    Well done, there’s a huge demand for them here and they’re very hard to get. Although they are a lot cheaper, about $249. There’s a lot of bait marketing going on as well. One place that Mark dragged me out to at 7am on a below freezing morning had been advertising they had 100 to sell.
    On our arrival, which I should add was several hours before they opened, we discovered a sign in their window stating they only had 5. The queue outside the door already exceeded 5.

    No matter, we’ve a brand new Xbox 360 to get us through until they’re available again – lol.

    Of course, not that we need ANOTHER console – lol

  2. It was kind of cool because apparently the guy got the call from ToysRUs just yesterday afternoon. So it seemed like one of those things where all the planets aligned.

    Are you enjoying the 360? We’ve avoided it so far cause of all the consoles we have (almost as many as you guys) the original Xbox is the one we don’t use much.

  3. Same story in Italy, Wii is difficult to find. And I want one! But it’s too expensive, and I have to pay for other stuff. I asked Santa (parents and relatives) but he said I’m too old for this kind of things. So now I’m trying to persuade mum to adopt a second dog.

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