Too Many Clocks, Not Enough Time

Last night I had a strange dream… first of all I caught a train. The train station was the usual one I dream of, don’t know it, never been there… it may just be a creation of my mind, and yet seems so real.

I got on the train and it was packed. Some people got off and a group of school girls took their seats. I was really tired and wanted to sit down. I thought about asking the girls to stand up, cause students are not supposed to take seats from full paying people. Instead I could see through to the next carriage and saw it was no where near as busy.

Pushing through the people on the train I went to the next carriage and sat down. Something happened that I can’t remember and I had to wash my hands, I went to the vestibule area where there was a little girl washing her hands at a drinking fountain. I waited for her to finish and then washed my own.

A short time later I got off the train at a farmhouse. Went inside and the same little girl from the train was in there. Again washing her hands in the sink.

I went outside to a room above a barn and went to sleep. A short time later I was awoken by a yelling child. I ran downstairs to find a teenage boy shouting towards the house. Apparently the father was on a rampage, “He’s got a gun” the boy said.

I ran into the house, looking for the small girl, knowing she was in danger. The father emerged from a room and looked right at me, the smell of sweat and human wafted towards me. “It had to be done” he said. Knowing what he meant, I nodded and stepped out of his way.

Walking into the room, from which the father had just come, I noticed the small girl, still asleep. No noticeable wounds. I looked around, there were four digital clocks in the room, all showing non-real times. 42:01, 37:24, 12:99 and 03:65.

It was then I woke… I’m not sure what this dream was supposed to mean, if anything. But it seemed so real. I could smell the hay in the barn below where I slept. Felt the anxiety as I ran into the house looking for the small girl. Strange dreams.

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