Sun is Not Your Friend

For today I shall be known as lobster boy!

My friend Andrew is down from Sydney for a few days, which is AWESOME. Drew is my longest serving friend, having gone through the crazy time that is high school together we’ve bonded quite well over the years.

Being a great friend, there are times, as there have been over the years (and it has been many many years) where we have don’t get to see each other for a while. This is mostly due to Drew and John’s (his partner) moving all over the place.

For most of the two years that we have been in Melbourne, Drew has been in Tasmania and travel for David and I has not really been an option for some time due to work commitments, so it has been almost two years since Andrew and I last saw each other.

What is great though, and I believe true testament to great friendship, when he got off the plane at Avalon airport it was like we were never apart. It is litterally as if we were walking down the street talking to each other just yesterday.

So for the past couple of days we have been exploring Melbourne, trying to sell it as an alternative to his recent return to Sydney.

We went into Crown and had dinner at The Pub, it’s a regular stop for friends and family new to Melbourne, then walked around the streets of Melbourne, killing time, waiting for 9pm to arrive.

At about 8.30pm on Wednesday we were sitting outside Crown Casino waiting for the Pigeon Cookers to start up. We had convinced Andrew that Crown had a device that could instantly cook a pigeon and that the homeless of Melbourne would come to Crown at 9pm to eat the cooked pigeons. It’s a story that David was told when he first came to Melbourne for work some time ago.

Drew was mortified at the idea and wouldn’t believe us, but with more and more talking I think we started to see him believing.

At 9pm outside crown, huge flares errupted from the tops of the tall fountains which line Crown’s promenade. They do it every night at 9pm and you can get a little singed if you stand to close. It’s an amazing display, and probably a massive waste of natural gas. But this is what we call the pigeon cookers.

Anyway, that was all a little muddled and if I have some more time I’ll fix it up later, but for now, back to the title.

Yesterday was a full day. We took the roof off the Jeep and drove down to the Waterstone Cafe for a quick breakfast. The short trip down convinced us we may have been a little early in removing the roof and clouds were appearing in the sky.

We returned home and switch to the little Laser (our other car) for the drive to Chadstone, “the fashion capital”, to show Andrew what Chadstone likes to believe is our best shopping centre in Victoria. After a walk around I think he was suitably impressed.

At Chaddy (as Chadstone is known to the non-snooty) we got a chance to play the Wii again. I know we are getting one for Christmas, but I so want one NOW!

After arriving home from Chaddy, with some Krispy Kremes (bad bad bad) we switched cars again and headed off to Anglesea on the Surf Coast for a bit of talent spotting (checkin out the boys) and a bit of lunch. There wasn’t much talent and the lunch was way too expensive at 38˚ South to warrant a return visit ever. But it was still a great drive and a great day.

I’m now sitting here, early Friday morning, thinking that Drew and I may head over to Brighton Beach this morning to check out the famous boat sheds (and the talent) and probably stop off for lunch in St Kilda before picking David up from work at 2.30.

Although it didn’t get above 20˚ yesterday, David and I are lobster boys today, we waited way too long to put sunscreen on. Drew on the other hand seems to have weathered the sun quite well. Bastard!

It’s going to be 27 today, so I’d best go off and get myself rugged up for the day. It’s times like this I wish guys wore foundation so I could tone down the redness of my flesh! LOL


  1. Rule number 1…

    For toning down the redness, you’ll need a green base. Then blend, blend, blend.

    I’m so jealous that you have sun, and *smack* you’re a naughty boy, you got burnt last Summer too. Sunscreen!!! and lots of it!

  2. Dobber LOL I know I know about sun damage and of course I thought I’d be right, we left it too late to put the sunscreen on… jeepers 15 minutes is all it takes to get seriously burnt here in Australia.

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