Let’s Learn Italian

Italian FlagBeen checking out some PodCasts of late to see if I could pick up some Italian as a way to better converse with my lovely Italian friend Roberta.

There are of course many commercial tapes / CDs / books that can get to learn Italian and of course I could even go off to school to learn it (and just might next term). For now however I’ll check out the PodCasts.

There is a list of Foreign Language Lesson PodCasts at Open Culture. I only recommend one of the Italian PodCasts in the list… LearnItalianPod.com iTunes Feed Web Site

The guy who runs the other one listed “Let’s Speak Italian” promises a daily PodCast series but doesn’t really deliver as he only makes it through five lessons and the sixth episode is basically an ad to go get the whole series from his site at a cost. I’m not against people making money from their efforts, I am however against people who are not up-front about such actions. Actually the first episode doesn’t even have any Italian in it… it’s an introduction to the guy and his intentions.

The LearnItalianPod.com seems really cool, they have many many lessons online and are continuing to do updates. The only problem I think I’m gonna have is learning Italian as a spoken language, I’m not learning how to write it properly or the correct spelling and most of my correspondence with Roberta is written.

Roberta’s English is great, my Italian for now is non-existent. In the past I have studied Japanese, Russian and German. I’ve looked into Spanish and will probably have another look at it in the future. I’d love to travel some day and don’t want to be one of those annoying English-speaking tourists who expect all the world to speak my language.

So for now, let’s LearnItalianPod.com.


  1. wow, I’m honored!
    I will immediately send you some homework.
    I should start my own podcast: after all, I teach English to Italians, I think I can teach Italian to Australians.

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