Goodbye Cresta Lodge

Cresta Lodge, in the heart of Mount Buffalo National Park, has been destroyed by fire.

DSE incident controller Rob Caddell said fire investigators were examining how the fire broke through containment lines and structural firefighters were being sent in to protect the park’s chalet.

“We were doing a bit of burning around the lodge yesterday, so we had containment lines around it and didn’t report any major activity in the area, now all of a sudden we’ve got a fire in the lodge and the crews we had up there weren’t trained to deal with a structural fire,” he said.

“Now we are putting in plans to put structural firefighters up at the chalet so we don’t have another building going up that we can’t deal with.

“We’ll have to have a look at the control line that was put in to see how good that was.”

Cresta Lodge is situated in the heart of the Mount Buffalo National Park, at the foot of the ski slopes.

During winter the lodge provides on-snow accommodation.

Fire destroys alpine lodge – National –

Cresta Lodge was one structure at the Mt Buffalo National Park and part of Burbank’s Mt Buffalo Resort. I guess I’ll be updating the site in the near future. As the Lodge is completely gone. Here’s hoping the Chalet survives this nasty fire season, which for all intents and purposes, has only just begun.


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