Friends, Food and Movies

Yesterday, Boxing Day, David and I had a very quiet morning at home, playing a whole bunch of Wii. We’re getting better at Tennis, Bowling and Baseball… I think Golf is a little too long-winded.

My Wii age yesterday was 60, today it is 31 YAY, not bad for a 32 year old (soon to be 33).

Our Wii console code (AKA friend code) is 5438 0753 0484 5073.

The afternoon brought about dinner with friends and the family of friends. We made the long trip way around the bay to Craig’s parents’ home in Seaford. We had a great BBQ dinner and heard many a story about a young Craig and all his shanannigans.

Craig’s Mum, Grace, had created one of her famous cheesecakes and I indulged (as you do). It was great as always and I stared at the left overs thinking for sure I could fit another piece in, before my rational mind retorted that had I tried I just may burst.

After dinner we went to the movies at Southland and saw “Night at the Museum“. It was an intesting movie but probably not one I’d recommend spending the cost of a full-priced ticket to see it. It is a bit Jumanji, mixed with Mannequin, mixed with Home Alone. Sure there were some very funny moments in it, but over all it was kind of predictable. And predictable humour, is not as funny.

It was a sad farewell at the end of the night, as we bid Craig and Mark goodbye… they are only here until the 31st and we’ve been fortunate to have two opportunities to catch up with them during their whirlwind trip. Thanks immensly guys and we look forward to hopefully visiting you in Seattle in the future.

The night for David and I wasn’t quite over there, we had to head over to Tullamarine Airport to pick up Mel and Linda we were returning (at 12.30 at night) from a trip to Mission Beach in far north Queensland. They caught the plane in nice 32 degree (c) heat, only to arrive in Melbourne 4 hours later and be confronted with temperatures around 12 degrees (c). I can tell you, their shorts and tees were not keeping them warm.

The girls delivered home, we finally crawled into bed about 1am. And awoke this morning around 10am.

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