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There are times, like last night, when I wish we had a way of capturing dreams… I tell you what I’d produce some blockbusters for sure.

Trying to do justice to the dream I had last night would be futile. It was amazing. Part of it contained a scene where I was on a rocky ridge, a smallish canyon (if you can have a small canyon) with a river running through it. There were a series of rock bridges forming lakes of water and people crossing these rock bridges.

After a while of watching, the flow of the river had increased and the people on the rock bridge started to scramble for safety as waves started hitting the rocks and caused the rock bridges to break away.

Now for illustrative purposes, picture the images you’ve seen of glaciers crashing into the ocean, large sections of the ice crashing into the water below. Now change the ice to red rock. It was amazing.

While I had been watching the commotion below, the small rivulet that I had crossed to get to my view point had turned into a torrent of water and several people who had come to the same place as I were trying to get back across. One brave woman jumped into the water and swam like mad to reach the other side before the edge of the cliff and her imminent demise was reached. She made it, as did all the others.

I however looked at the raging water and cringed away as part of the other bank collapsed into the water and was swept away. I could feel the rock beneath my feet rumble, two foot of the plateau I was on disappeared into the water below. More rumbling… I could do nothing to save myself. I sat down calmly, ignoring the calls from the other side of the water calling me to try and jump to them.

I sat and waited… at this point I woke.

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