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Kanvas Grey Album CoverLast night we had the fantastic opportunity to check out some live music, having been invited along to watch our friend’s band Kanvas Grey play at Barbukka on Smith Street in Collingwood.

Kanvas Grey was the headline act for the night and was preceded by three other performers, Crisis was an interesting band and probably not my favourite for the night. The singer describes himself as a male lesbian… interesting but having seen him quite accurate. The other member of the two piece band played the drum (yep just one of them). Their songs were heartfelt but some notes seemed to be a little too high for the singer this night. Check out Crisis on MySpace.

Second performance of the night (and my fave) was Shane Sewell. Shane is a great singer and his songs are awesome. He needs to record soon, I’d buy his music without a doubt. I’ve only seen Shane perform once before and both times have been great. He should start headlining himself some time soon.

Third act for the night was an outfit called Glory Tuesday. At first I was a little scared it was going to be a gospel group… I was pleasantly surprised when the group belted out some glorious poppy, jazzy, regaey numbers. Had I known when the merchandise was selling that they had a CD I’d have bought it, by the end of the night when Trudy’s friend showed us the CD it was too late. As with all the bands in today’s post Glory Tuesday are on MySpace. Check them out.

The final performance, and the one we came to see was Kanvas Grey. Ben and the guys had a successful tour of the UK earlier this year, wowing the pommy audiences. And back on home turf they didn’t disappoint. The band has been working on some new tracks of late, which Ben Thomas describes as a little more political in nature. We got to hear a couple of the new tracks on Saturday night and I for one was impressed. Kanvas Grey on MySpace or the official Kanvas Grey website.

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