Daily Life

World of Warcraft Taketh Thee

Jammin and ClickityIf you’re wondering where I have been the past few days… I’ve been in the World of Warcraft.

David and I have been questing like crazy and I’m now a level 25 (soon to be 26) Orc Hunter named Jammin, seen in the picture here with my pet Clickity the Scorpian.

World of Warcraft is very addictive and a massive waste of time, but I love it.

While I’ve been playing I’ve been thinking about my 2007 goals (rather than resolutions cause they never happen). One of which will probably be to play less Warcraft (sorry Blizzard – the game makers).

So for at least until dinner time this evening when we are going to be venturing out one more time with Craig and Mark (they return to the States tomorrow), I can be found in the realm of Dath’Remar. FOR THE HORDE!!!