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Daniel’s Inappropriate Jokes

Daniel, our DVD/TVC Producer at work shared these non-women friendly jokes at work today… along with a couple I can’t repeat here. While I know these are older than the hills, I had to share them.

What does it mean when your wife is on the couch? The leash is too long.

Why are wedding dresses white? To match other other kitchen appliances!

Yep shocking I know, that a guy so young can say such things. Honestly though Daniel is usually quite funny… and a joy to work with.

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Cresta Lodge Update

Cresta Lodge Post-Fire

The operators of a popular ski chalet have been devastated by the loss of their lodge in bushfires in the state’s north-east, as army personnel and equipment are being deployed to help in the fight.

The Cresta Valley Lodge, formerly known as the Tatra Inn, was destroyed yesterday after fires broke through containment lines at the foot of Mount Buffalo.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment has sent firefighters to protect the resort’s nearby Mount Buffalo Chalet, built in 1910.

Eddie Sanflippo and Eddie Puhar are stepbrothers who operate the Mt Buffalo Resort. “It is a very sad time for them. They are devastated by the news,” Mr Sanflippo’s assistant, Jacqueline McLeish, said.

The lodge was razed by two advancing fires burning at the southern end of the Mount Buffalo National Park. The Cresta Day Visitor Centre, a restaurant and a motel – all part of the lodge – were lost.

Ski infrastructure – including the five ski lifts – are not damaged and last night the fire had been contained.

Lodge destroyed on Mount Buffalo – National –