We Wii-ed

We Wiied - Nintendo Wii at HighpointToday we had a little fun playing the Wii at Highpoint Shopping Centre. David and I played Wii Sports – Tennis. Very cool. Can’t wait for Christmas now. Bring on the Wii.

It is a little confronting to throw yourself around like an idiot in the middle of the shopping centre trying to hit an imaginary tennis ball. But you get into the game pretty quick and forget that anyone else is near you.

But word of warning, you’re gonna need some space to play and between competitors for fear of black eyes.

It’s gonna be ace!


  1. *chuckle*

    There’s a VERY funny Southpark episode featuring the Wii that we saw the other night, you have to see it.

    That aside, I do believe that there’ll be a Wii arriving in our house too, my pet geek has been ‘all agog’ over them since he saw one last week in the local EB Games.

    Just what I need… another console game. hehe

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