Sing Like No One’s Watching

SingStarThis past weekend was a fantastic, joyous occasion as the inaugural Red vs Blue SingStar Challenge took place. The first event held at the Hatty’s on Saturday night.

But before we could show up and potentially be slaughtered by our competitors, we had to get some practice in. And with thanks, Melissa and Linda came to our rescue.

On Friday the girls came over and after a couple of pizzas and a couple of glasses of bubbly stuff Linda, a SingStar virgin, took to the floor. As will all SingStar new comers, Linda was a little timid at first. But upon seeing seasoned pro Melissa belt out a few tunes, Linda soon opened her voice for the world to hear.

A reminder that this was a practice run for David and I, and for this reason I don’t feel too bad that the Girls (in particular Melissa) trounced us like nothing else. And after a few hours of singing the Girls went home victorious.

On Saturday we arrived at the Hatty’s around 6pm, where we enjoyed a fantastic BBQ and caught up with Darren, Pauline, Paul, Mikey, Emma and Jack.

After dinner the battle was on, couples were broken apart to form teams, Red: Pauline, Paul and Me; Blue: Darren, Mikey and David. The kids: Jack and Emma became point-scorers and idol-style judges.

We worked out way through Legends, Anthems, Pop, Party and for the most part Blue put up a good fight, but ultimately Red prevailed and took the title of champions.

We wrapped it all up about 1am in the morning and can’t wait for a rematch, so we can do it all again.

Though, next time it might have to be a Wii Sports challenge at our place… Bring it on!


  1. Ply them with alcohol it always works… you know how it is, once they’ve done that first song you’ll be hard-pressed getting the mic back out of their hands. :P

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