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There are too many scary movies coming out of late and most of them rely on gore to create fear… for me that’s not a good horror flick. Titles in recent times include “Hostel“, “Saw II” and “Saw III” are more gross than good.
A good horror for me is the psychological thriller. Movies like “The Grudge” are great… and the original “Saw” movie was awesome… most of the violence was implied and not actually shown. When the camera cuts away just at the last minute and your imagination takes over the fear is way scarier than anything they can show on the screen.

Another great thing The Grudge did was to use kids (same  as they did in The Ring), when kids become the menace of a horror movie the level of fear and freakiness is raised tenfold.

Sure, I cringe, I hide my eyes and I’m freaked by the dark for days afterwards but I LOVE the adrenaline rush that horror movies give me, when they are good.

When I went to Apple’s Trailer section today and saw six new movies listed I could tell by their titles all but one were horror movies. Turns out they all were. And most were produced by the same film company; After Dark Films.
Dark Ride, The Grave Dancers, The Hamiltons, Penny Dreadful, Reincarnation and Unrest all carry the warning, “This Preview is Unrated, The motion picture advertised contains content too extreme to be rated”. Having watched the preview, I’m not sure I’d go out and pay 15 bucks to see any of them, and might only get Reincarnation out on DVD when it gets released.

If you have seen any of these, or if you think any of them would be worth a view let me know. I’m always open to changing my opinion.

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  1. I agree! More suspense and less gore!

    Of course I’m a sucker for most things movie, so shall let you know what I think if I see them. We tend to have relatively similar taste.
    We both hated Napoleon Dynamite! LOL!

  2. That Dynamite guy sucked big time… like really really badly. And I’m still to see Jon Heder play different type of character! Maybe all he can do is recite lines while looking bland.

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