Photo Tidy Up

Busy going through my iPhoto today, seeing what pictures I haven’t uploaded to Flickr yet and uploading some. Bunny is hopping round my feet and all over the place, I have to keep an eye on him cause he’s got a taste for cables at the moment, trying to teach him it’s a no-no.

The photo here was taken on my K750i some time ago at my mum’s place. Dunno what possessed me to take a self portrait there, but there you go.

Oh David and I also started a diet last week. Going great guns so far, let’s hope we stick to it. I’ve been pretty good at work, passing up Daniel’s many attempts to feed me Allen’s Snakes Alive, Teddy Bear Chocolate Buscuits and the like. The only exception I made was on the 22nd, it was Daniel’s birthday and I didn’t want to pass up cake. I didn’t want to appear antisocial.


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