Oh Internet, How I have missed thee!

After a week without Internet at home I was starting to wonder what it would be like if I moved away from the work I do (on the Internet) and had no need for it at all anymore?

I decided that I’d be quite content to give up what I do, but not so certain I could do without the Internet entirely.

The amount of times in the last week I’ve thought, “I’ll just look that up on the net” before remembering it was down is amazing and testament to how much the Internet has become an important tool for many of us in the modern world.
I’d have to start buying CDs from the store again and wait for Australian TV to pick up and show all the cool TV series from overseas… bugger that.

I’m halfway through the first season of Torchwood, Third Season of Lost then theres Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, Eureka, and lots of others.

I’ve been around on the Internet pretty much as soon as I was able to dial in way back before there was a world wide web and now I wouldn’t be without.


  1. Ahhh but you’re still lovable!

    I’ve not seen any Torchwood yet! *cry*

    Damn Americans and their aversion to English programming!!

    We introduced an American friend last night to Little Britain. I was killing myself laughing and he was sitting there with a wry smile. He soon laughed when I started translating the accent for him – lol

    Made perfect sense to me ;)

  2. I don’t get how the poor peeps over there don’t understand the english accent, but I do often agree that the humor or earlier UK shows is a little dry (like Some Mothers Do Have ’em, Faulty Towers and the such). But how can they not get Little Britain.


    Awww thanks it’s always nice to be an after-thought LOL

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