Never Eating Lobster Again!

Lobster DinnerNot that I’ve ever eaten a lot of Lobster in my life but…

Lobsters have a sophisticated nervous system that allows it to sense actions that will cause it harm and feel pain. Lobsters don’t have an autonomic nervous system that puts it into a state of shock when it is harmed. For this reason, they will feel pain until their nervous system is completely destroyed.

Animal Facts – Lobsters

I freaked when I read this… poor lobsters that we toss into boiling water, alive, die in pain. If you chucked a human into boiling water the autonomic nervous system would go into shock very quickly and the human would in effect feel no more pain after that point… however it appears that a lobster would feel pain right up until the point of death. That is so so bad. We humans suck sometimes with the way we treat other animals.

The same probably goes for prawns and other crustaecians we toss into water live… poor poor Pinchy (see under “Pets”).

I found out about this because David told me that Pigs can’t look up, which I thought was crazy. Turns out he may be right.

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  1. Pigs can’t look up? OMG Charlotte’s Web is based on a lie.
    I’m heartbroken and completely distraught now, however did the lil piggy see Charlotte so high up in her web? *chuckle*

    As for lobsters, I agree, I think the method of dropping them directly into hot water is barbaric. Based on the autonomic nerves, this would also suggest that they suffer when put in the freezer for the “humane death”.

    For me though, I’ll skip lobster, crab, prawns etc anytime I can. Why? Because regardless of their tasting good, I learnt some time back that they’re closely related to the arachnid family. Arachnids and Lobsters are both arthropods.
    Therefore my personal conclusion is that they’re “sea spiders” and I’ll pass thanks.

  2. I had the identical problem with shrimps. A friend graduated in biology explained me that they are (I’m quoting) “the cockroaches of the sea”. Appetizers have never been the same since

  3. Hehe, yes it did end my affection for cracking open a claw and sucking out the inner goodness.

    Although, as you know I can’t eat anything that still looks like it was when it was alive. I’d make a great vegetarian if not for the fact I like meat! hehe

    Or as I like to say occasionally…
    “I didn’t scratch and claw my way to the top of the food chain not to eat the critters on the way up…”

  4. Poor Wilbur, his story is a lie…

    I don’t mind the fact that shrimps (we call them Prawns) are “the cockroaches of the sea”. After all I eat beef and other animals which eat the food some of which they themselves fertilize.

    What I do mind is the idea that the way we prepare them is inhuman, and that an animal that is (unwillingly) giving its life for me to eat had to suffer to do it.

    And Craig, I love the quote…, let’s hope no other animal gets to use that in the future :P

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