Ever Impressive Bunny Makes a Return

On the Hop

Bunny had an afternoon outside yesterday and it was the perfect time to get some snaps of the little critter.

Unfortuneately I think I’m up for a new camera soonish. Mine’s not focusing too well. Of course it could just be that the little sucker can move when he wants to.

He’s just so cute. I still have some work to do to make him more human friendly. But he’s on his way.

His latest photoshoot is available on Flickr :P


Insanely Great Tees

Retro Futurism from Insanely Great Tees

Awesome T-Shirts from Insanely Great Tees. I’m so getting me a couple. I love the one here and also there is one with an eraser and command+Z. They are really cool, though postage is somewhat expensive for we overseas.

Check them out.
I’d love to get myself a screen printing device and start making my own shirts, anyone know anything about it?

Daily Life Photography

Photo Tidy Up

Busy going through my iPhoto today, seeing what pictures I haven’t uploaded to Flickr yet and uploading some. Bunny is hopping round my feet and all over the place, I have to keep an eye on him cause he’s got a taste for cables at the moment, trying to teach him it’s a no-no.

The photo here was taken on my K750i some time ago at my mum’s place. Dunno what possessed me to take a self portrait there, but there you go.

Oh David and I also started a diet last week. Going great guns so far, let’s hope we stick to it. I’ve been pretty good at work, passing up Daniel’s many attempts to feed me Allen’s Snakes Alive, Teddy Bear Chocolate Buscuits and the like. The only exception I made was on the 22nd, it was Daniel’s birthday and I didn’t want to pass up cake. I didn’t want to appear antisocial.


New Site Live

Yay a new site launched today… Digital Spectrum is a site a long time in the making. Digital Spectrum is a signage and design company in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.

Family & Friends

Happy Birthday Bro

Today is my little brother’s birthday. He’s 31 today which really makes me feel old at 32 :P

Gregory is the youngest of the boys in our family.

It’s times like these, as always, that I feel so far away from family. I know they’ll be heading out for a birthday dinner this weekend and I won’t be there for it.

Have a great day Greg.

Family & Friends

Sing Like No One’s Watching

SingStarThis past weekend was a fantastic, joyous occasion as the inaugural Red vs Blue SingStar Challenge took place. The first event held at the Hatty’s on Saturday night.

But before we could show up and potentially be slaughtered by our competitors, we had to get some practice in. And with thanks, Melissa and Linda came to our rescue.

On Friday the girls came over and after a couple of pizzas and a couple of glasses of bubbly stuff Linda, a SingStar virgin, took to the floor. As will all SingStar new comers, Linda was a little timid at first. But upon seeing seasoned pro Melissa belt out a few tunes, Linda soon opened her voice for the world to hear.

A reminder that this was a practice run for David and I, and for this reason I don’t feel too bad that the Girls (in particular Melissa) trounced us like nothing else. And after a few hours of singing the Girls went home victorious.

On Saturday we arrived at the Hatty’s around 6pm, where we enjoyed a fantastic BBQ and caught up with Darren, Pauline, Paul, Mikey, Emma and Jack.

After dinner the battle was on, couples were broken apart to form teams, Red: Pauline, Paul and Me; Blue: Darren, Mikey and David. The kids: Jack and Emma became point-scorers and idol-style judges.

We worked out way through Legends, Anthems, Pop, Party and for the most part Blue put up a good fight, but ultimately Red prevailed and took the title of champions.

We wrapped it all up about 1am in the morning and can’t wait for a rematch, so we can do it all again.

Though, next time it might have to be a Wii Sports challenge at our place… Bring it on!


Never Eating Lobster Again!

Lobster DinnerNot that I’ve ever eaten a lot of Lobster in my life but…

Lobsters have a sophisticated nervous system that allows it to sense actions that will cause it harm and feel pain. Lobsters don’t have an autonomic nervous system that puts it into a state of shock when it is harmed. For this reason, they will feel pain until their nervous system is completely destroyed.

Animal Facts – Lobsters

I freaked when I read this… poor lobsters that we toss into boiling water, alive, die in pain. If you chucked a human into boiling water the autonomic nervous system would go into shock very quickly and the human would in effect feel no more pain after that point… however it appears that a lobster would feel pain right up until the point of death. That is so so bad. We humans suck sometimes with the way we treat other animals.

The same probably goes for prawns and other crustaecians we toss into water live… poor poor Pinchy (see under “Pets”).

I found out about this because David told me that Pigs can’t look up, which I thought was crazy. Turns out he may be right.


Scary Movies

There are too many scary movies coming out of late and most of them rely on gore to create fear… for me that’s not a good horror flick. Titles in recent times include “Hostel“, “Saw II” and “Saw III” are more gross than good.
A good horror for me is the psychological thriller. Movies like “The Grudge” are great… and the original “Saw” movie was awesome… most of the violence was implied and not actually shown. When the camera cuts away just at the last minute and your imagination takes over the fear is way scarier than anything they can show on the screen.

Another great thing The Grudge did was to use kids (sameĀ  as they did in The Ring), when kids become the menace of a horror movie the level of fear and freakiness is raised tenfold.

Sure, I cringe, I hide my eyes and I’m freaked by the dark for days afterwards but I LOVE the adrenaline rush that horror movies give me, when they are good.

When I went to Apple’s Trailer section today and saw six new movies listed I could tell by their titles all but one were horror movies. Turns out they all were. And most were produced by the same film company; After Dark Films.
Dark Ride, The Grave Dancers, The Hamiltons, Penny Dreadful, Reincarnation and Unrest all carry the warning, “This Preview is Unrated, The motion picture advertised contains content too extreme to be rated”. Having watched the preview, I’m not sure I’d go out and pay 15 bucks to see any of them, and might only get Reincarnation out on DVD when it gets released.

If you have seen any of these, or if you think any of them would be worth a view let me know. I’m always open to changing my opinion.