What was lost, now is found…

This past weekend was an interesting one… on Saturday we took the dogs to a beach between Altona and Williamstown where all the dogs go to play… when the tide is in the water comes up to just above my knees so the water is not too deep for the doggins who love to be wet and there are plenty of dogs for them to hang around with.

While at the beach (it was around 25 degrees c) the sun was glaring off the water and while I have to contacts (they come today) I couldn’t wear my sunglasses, I think this lead to a headache forming (which later that night (and for ALL of Sunday) became a migraine.

Also while at the beach, David lost his keys… and having walked all over the place and out in the water, they could have been anywhere!

First thing to do was to go back to the car to make sure they weren’t there… nope… At this point I was ready to give up, get a cab and go home to get my keys, but David wanted to go take a look at the beach.

Retracing our steps we walked back into the water, with the doggins in tow, looking everywhere for the keys… for about 40 minutes we walked around, gave up and started heading back. The dogs took off when we got closer to the shore, they had obviously seen some dog they liked/didn’t like the look of.

I was yelling for them when David says “There!” and points at my feet… right there in front of me, in about a foot fo water, was the keys.

We are lucky boys indeed.

Sunday was basically a day of watching TV and sleeping, while trying to get rid of the headache, which is as stupid thing I suppose to say, cause they hang around as long as they like and generally last for 3 to 4 days and they hurt and they make me nasty. Lucky I have a nice boyfriend who puts up with me when I’m hurting.

My head is still a bit funny today, so if this post doesn’t make sense… sorry.


  1. Nothing worse than bad head. Sorry ;)

    Hope your migraine has gone away, as a fellow sufferer I know how you feel, and they’re not pleasant at all.

    How lucky are you at finding the keys? Hope you bought a tattslotto ticket!

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