What have I done? What have I done?

Did I waste $1.10 tonight? Yes it’s true, I admit it, I VOTED IN AUSTRALIAN IDOL. I did, I SMS’s 191010 twice, once for “Ricky” and once for “Jessica”.

Ricky is a so-so performer, he’d be a crap load better without the “crazy eyes” he tends to pull, but I had to vote for him, he’s the local Werribee boy. He’s so intense, if he could just relax and make it look like less of an effort.

Jessica is a fantastic little singer, at just 17 she shines on that stage more so than anyone else.

Who do I want to see go home? Well it’s down to Mutto and Lisa right now on stage, and I really don’t mind which one goes (hopefully Lisa). I want Dean to go more than anyone though. He sings like your average Joe would in the back seat of the car on a long trip.

Whoops, just heard from the other room, Mutto is gone. He should have gotten rid of the bad hair do. Apparently there was just ½ a percent difference between he and Lisa.

I’m not too embarrassed that I voted, cause I love my music, and want to do something, anything to try and ensure some drop-kick doesn’t end up Australian Idol.

Dean looks to be a favourite of the record company, some say he is good looking, I think he’s a little too in love with himself. Last night Kyle called him the “God loving virgin boy”, playing on his virginity to get the pure vote. Jeez Kyle calls it how he sees it.

See ya Mutto, it was good while it lasted, now get off the stage. Let’s hope Dean and Lisa follow soon…

Speaking of getting off the stage, thanks Marcia for your rendition of “Disco Inferno”, don’t do that again… and were you miming? The movement of the microphone during some of your notes should not have lent itself to your sustaining some of those notes. But surely there would not have been miming on Australian Idol by a consumate peformer such as yourself. If however you sang live, you surely do deserve your place on the judging panel. It was a great performance (if it was live).

Another week of Idol over… Ricky practice not using the crazy eyes.

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