1. Smart ass! ;)

    I did suspect I’d get that sort of reply. Well, a vinyl, is a polycarbonate blend of plastic, shaped similarly to a cd only MUCH bigger, with spiralling grooves on both sides.

    When a special needle attached to a amplifier is applied to the outer edge of this groove, while the album is spinning, music is heard. Unfortunately these items were also easily scratched, which generally destroyed them.

    There you go, that’s education on Vinyl albums for today – lol

    Sam Brown is one of the few in my collection that I’ll actually admit to owning. There are a few shockers that I’ll never admit to, even under torture. LOL!

  2. We all have “those” albums which we don’t discuss. Unfortunately when it comes to a vinyl collection, most of the ones I still have around are “those” kind.

    The one I will admit to is a fabulous ABBA album, they all look so glam on the cover. Um and just to show, just how gay I am, I have Xanadu on Vinyl, Tape, CD and now of course MP3 :P

  3. Ahhh Abba, my folks have all of them on vinyl, and on tape. Haha!

    Ok, since you’ve given up one of your embarassing titles, although admittedly I don’t think it’s even remotely embarassing, I’ve Xanadu on CD too. Although in my defense it was a gift, and a joke gift at that too. People can be so cruel when you’ve just had your first foray into the world of Rollerblades. *laugh*

    As for my embarassing title… And what possessed me at the time to buy it, is COMPLETELY beyond me… “You can ring my bell” by Collette.

    Sigh! LOL!

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