Welcome to Friday the 13th

Ah yes, a lovely Friday the 13th, the bad luck of which started yesterday for us (must have been on NZ time or something)… at about 10pm someone was knocking on our front window, right next to my head – I sit right next to the window when at my computer desk – scared the crap out of me. Then there was banging on the front door.

I told David to be ready with the “Panic Button” that security recently installed (every home in Sanctuary Lakes has to have one, it’s part of the by-laws). I opened to front door to see two of our neighbours there with Eve (our female cocker spaniel) in their arms, and behind them the gate to the rear yard wide open.

The doggins had taken advantage of the gate being opened by what we assume was the wind, that had gone a little look-see. The guys next door had their door open and apparently Eve, not liking to be a stranger to anyone, went on in. Thank fully they know who she is cause they pat her over the fence all the time.

Adam however, was no where to be found… so the next two hours were spent looking all over the place for one little dog. The neighbours jumped in their car and drove around Signature Estate (where we live) and I could hear calls for “Adam” coming from everywhere… but our search turned up nothing.

Finally we decided we needed to extend the drive to the greater Sanctuary Lakes area, which is no small task, lots of streets, built on a golf course = lots of places for a doggin to go.

After driving around for a while, scrutinizing any little movement I saw, I returned home. David had heard from one of the other neighbours (I think number 9) that he had been visited by Adam and that another neighbour (number 60 [or 60-something]) told him to ring security. Security came and picked Adam up and took him back to the Security Hut down near the lake. David had rung security and they were going to meet us there.
Jump back in the car and down to the Security Hut we go. We couldn’t see Adam but waited for Security to arrive (they were off closing up the Golf Hut). When the security guys did arrive one of them walked over to the end of a rope and held it high. “He was here,” pointing at the end of the rope “not half an hour ago”. Doh minor panic ensued as the dog that was found was now lost again.

Then by the lake, behind a large tuft of grass I could see the dome of Adam’s head and two little eyes peering out. I called him, but he didn’t move.

I crouched down and called him again, he took a couple of tentative steps towards me. My mind started to visualise that scene in “Cujo” where Cujo looks timid/scared just before he launches himself and rips the throat out of an unsuspecting victim… but thankfully this is little Adam. A few more tentative steps and then he turned and started to walk away.

I called him again and he ran towards me, into my arms and shaking like a leaf.

It wasn’t long before I noticed just how bad he smelt and ejected him from my arms, not sure what happened to the little guy, but he reeked something shocking.

We thanked the security guys, who advised that they weren’t actually supposed to pick up dogs (OH&S reasons) and that when they found a stray they were supposed to call the council right away, they had however decided that as he looked like a pure-bred, someone would miss him and they would give that someone till morning to figure out they dog had gone missing and possibly saving them the cost of having to get him back from the pound.

During the short ride home, I could tell Adam – who was on the back seat of the Jeep, and relaxed – was glad to be going home. Huge thanks to all the folks that helped us out, in finding him. David is organising some personal thank you’s this afternoon.
Big night for a small doggin.

So with finding Adam AND finding the keys that we lost earlier in the week, I think I’ve used up all the luck I have (at least for this week)… this Friday the 13th may not be so good.


  1. Oh my! Glad Adam is home safe and sound, I started reading faster and faster to get to what I was hoping, and fortunately was, a happy ending.

    There’s a few more hours yet until Friday the 13th starts here, I think I’ll keep our pets locked inside.

  2. He’s actually limping a bit… we think maybe he has pulled a muscle when he ripped himself away from the rope he was on. He’s showing no distress at being touched so nothing’s broken. He can still spin around like a nutter when he wants to go out so it’s all good.

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