Small Night Out

Last night we went out to celebrate Chris’ birthday… he was having drinks at The Builders Arms Hotel (211 Gertrude St, Fitzroy). Met a few of his friends and two in particular were a hoot.

Michelle and Suzie are a couple of girls who know how to have a great time. And I truly hope we get to go out with them sometime.
The food at The Builders’ Arms Hotel was a little on the posh side for us so David, the girls and I decided to dash down Smith Street to see what else was on offer.

We ambled into Vibe on Smith (123 Smith Street, Fitzroy) where we had a nice dinner before returning to the pub.

Once we had returned we caught up with Melissa, Linda and Bron had a few more drinks, said farewell to Chris and his friends, then headed off to The Glasshouse, a bar for lesbians in Melbourne.

I have to say it was my first ever time in a “lesbian” establishment and stories I had heard in the past that they were less than welcoming to guys were found to be untrue.

Of course it could be that for a Saturday night at 10.30 at night it was kind of dead and any money was better than none. The bar service kind of sucked, but the venue was actually set out quite nicely. I couldn’t see why it was so deserted.

As it was so deserted and there were not enough hot girls for the girls to check out we decided to head to The Peel to shake some booty on the dancefloor. I was amazed at the number of girls at The Peel and had to wonder if perhaps the bar staff at The Glasshouse was what kept the patrons away. They really should look into that.

In the end I wasn’t feeling to crash-hot for most of yesterday, so we called it an early night at around midnight.

It was a great night and it was easy to see, before we left, that Chris (who was kinda tanked) was having a fantastic night that probably continued into the wee hours of the morning.

The early hours of this morning also marked the start of Daylight Savings Time here in Victoria, which means even though it is now 11.40am it feels much earlier.

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