Runaway Doggins… No More

Adam and Eve

After Adam’s little flight from the backyard the other week, we wondered whether the fear that was in his eyes back then was a sign that he had been a little traumatized by the whole experience.

Today’s incident would indicate that he was…

Me being a little vague today left the back gate open when I took the bins out. I then went and let the dogs out into the backyard and went back to my desk in the computer room.

Two minutes later I saw golden blur run past the window and went to investigate.

There, sitting just inside the back yard was Adam, not stepping one foot over the threshold that would see him in the big wide world.

Eve is cool, you call her and she comes back. In the past Adam would have just kept on running.

While I’m not happy he’s obviously been affected, I am relieved I didn’t have to chase him all over the neighbourhood this morning.

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  1. A little educational trauma is good for the soul! ;)

    As long as he’s safe it’s all good. I still remember the first time they came to Chateau Bacchus Boarding Kennels, and Adam took off up the road with David in pursuit behind him. *giggle*

    Give the doggins a hug for us, then hug yourselves for me too!

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