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My Grotty Keyboard and A Programmer's Favourite Key

As a web developer the “colon”, “semi-colon” key is probably used more than ANY other key on the whole keyboard [except maybe delete/backspace, which is quite clean on my keyboard ;) ] so it is no surprise that when I actually looked at my keyboard this morning, I noticed that this particular key was grotty as…

This key is used to finish practically every line of code in JavaScript, most statements in PHP and used at least twice in every line in CSS.

If something on your site isn’t working, or something looks a little wrong, it’s probably because I forgot to push the “colon”, “semi-colon” key at some point. It is always the first mistake to look for.

So without a doubt it is my favourite key [but not by choice, personally I’ve always been quite partial to “~” key, it looks so curvy and reminds me of a wave at the beach… ahh the beach…].


  1. Ewww you have a dirty colon! You need more fibre ;)

    Sorry it was there for the taking, and there are so many bloody commercials / infomercials, inclusive of graphic AND disgusting images that I couldn’t resist share the horror.

  2. @David: I do wash my hands… honest I do.

    @Craig: ROFL… how the hell did I not see that coming… you had me laughing so hard (at work) that people were worried there was something wrong with me.

    Had I thought of that I might have titled the post “Check out my dirty colon”, by your way of thinking that might have gotten me a few more hits :P

    hehehehe… scary bloody infomercials… who needs them.

  3. hehehe I laughed out loud at your reply, but the only strange looks I got were from the pets ;)

    My english was not my ‘goodest’ that night either I see – lol

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