If you don’t know how, find out!

Before you attempt to do an upgrade to a server and have to call me in at 8pm on a Friday night to assist.

I love that you planed it, had it all written down… but ya know what… there is a reason developers have development servers and “test-beds”.

And did I not say, early Friday morning when you came to ask me about the upgrade, don’t do upgrades, major server changes or launch new applications on a FRIDAY… who does that? It’s a sure-fire way to lose your whole weekend (and, apparently, some of mine).

Oh and did I mention… it’s your bloody server? Mine has been happily running for almost two years with no down-time (and that’s not because it HAD downtime almost two years ago, it only went into production almost two years ago)… what does that tell you?

Anyway I shouldn’t chastise you here in a public forum that you will never actually read… but I’m too nice for my own good and can’t tell you to bugger off leaving the company with no Intranet and you quite possibly, with no job.

But it’s done, it’s fixed and you’re safe (again) thanks to me…

Update: Apparently it wasn’t quite fixed… he’s back in on Saturday, and rang for more assistance. The problem can probably be easily fixed by optimising the tables or rebuilding the index. Either way, he needs to fix it… and knowing how quick he was to try last night, he’ll probably roll-back rather than fix it. That’s his choice. If not fixed, I’ll have a look at it on Monday.

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