Going Down to WoW; See if I Can’t Unwind

WoW and Carman on South ParkROFL… How I miss World of Warcraft! So much so that when I heard that South Park was doing a World of Warcraft Episode I had to see it, HAD TO.

Sure there were quite a few factual errors, but it was funny as anyway. Though they may not have gotten all the actual gameplay info correct I think they accurately portrayed the crazed nature WoW Players.

Oh and I want “The Sword of 1,000 Truths”… gimme gimme gimme.

Had they made the frustration of the game linked to the LAG that happens in the game (and the main reason I quit playing) it would have been even funnier… but I’m not so sure that Blizzard would have been too happy. As it is, it’s a great episode of South Park, and should do wonders to increase the players in WoW, AND just increase the Lag the current players live through.

Oh and I LOVED the fact that the dudes from Blizzard, don’t actually have World of Warcraft accounts, because “they have a life”.


  1. LOl I gave you credit for not being as big a nerd as you’ve just proven yourself to be ;) Lucky it was with a Southpark tie in, which is kinda cool…
    and… Lucky I love ya regardless of the nerd status, but then I’m kind of immune given I live with their ‘Queen’…

    muwahahahaha ;)

  2. :'( Nothing wrong with being a nerd… and regarding WoW… dude if you ever start having downtime, you should check it out you Guitar Hero you! I think you’d be surprised :P

    Nerds Rool!

  3. Aww sorry sunshine, I looked into it based purely on your recommendation…
    But it doesn’t float my boat, nor pop my clogs. I’m more War of the Roses ;)

    But I still loves ya! Mmmm Guitar Hero, I’ve not played that for a few months now…

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