Frack Me!


Helo From Battlestar GalacticaWell not much of a spoiler, but I do have to say how freakin awesome one scene in the latest Battlestar Galactica was.

When that Galactica falls like a stone through the atmosphere of New Caprica and the vipers start shooting out of the sides through walls of fire, it was almost poetic.

But when at just a few hundred metres from the surface and the Galatica engaged its FTL and jumped to safety, I really did laugh and yell “Frack Me!”

I guess I take some of the shows I watch just a tad to seriously (not that I start to believe them mind, but I do get into them). But jeepers when they make shows like the episode I just watched. AMAZING.

And what’s with the picture of Helo you may ask? Well he’s from BSG… and he’s my fave character. So why not take the opportunity to use his picture here. :P To be fair I was looking to see if anyone had screen-capped the Galactica falling through the atmosphere… this whole posting was just an excuse to get a shot of Helo in. Honest.

Below is the video from YouTube… though someone has put music to it, without Adama’s “Prepare for Turbulence” it’s not quite as good.
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